Professional Videography Services

VIA Media has earned the reputation of being a video production expert in recent years. From live-steaming events to short educational videos, our expertise have expanded to be in pre-production, production and post production.

Our affordable videography rates has attract lots of commercial customers, be it for corporate videos, how-to videos, educational videos or videos for marketing on the web.

No matter what your video needs are, we are able to provide affordable videography services to you.

Looking for videography services? Whether the video will be used for promoting your business or you simply want to capture some of your activities for the memories, we are here to help!

Check out some of our portfolio below.

Social Media Videos

Social media is continually changing the way that we communicate and consume information. The most successful content marketers are delivering content consistently through multiple social media channels.

With the rise of social media marketing, social media videos are powerful marketing tools. However, not any video can do the trick. Post an old poorly filmed video and you risk being ignored; just think about the number of times you scrolled past a video that didn’t appeal to you.

What made you do so? Videos for the social media marketing scene must be professionally shot with a succinct message. Our professionals will work with you to incorporate the elements that you want in your video.


Corporate Videos

What makes video production so special is that it combines visuals with audio, simulating a real-life experience. Out of all the different ways to build a brand, video is the most powerful because of its production techniques. Marketing videos can help bring a brand to life by associating it with other images that stick in the viewer’s memory.

Are you looking to film a video that showcases your company or promotes your company’s brand? Or simply an instructional video for your staff? Corporate videos serve as a representation of your company. Let us know what kind of impression of your company you wish to portray and we can help you! Having these videos done by us will definitely give off a professional feel and leave a good lasting impression on your audience.

Event Videos

Capturing your event on video is an easy way to make your event last and a highly cost-effective way to spread brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand authority.

Videos can be used before, during, and after an event to boost your promotional, marketing, lead generation efforts, and more.

Be it a company event or your wedding, our videographers can help you to capture the best moments on camera! Besides keeping memories in photographs, having videos will allow you to reminisce deeper as it features the interactions that happened in real time. We offer videography services for parties, weddings, corporate events and many more. Regardless of the event, we will be able to cater to your needs. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


TV Commercials

Television ads reach targeted audiences in an effort to sell consumers products. Creative, imaginative and engaging ads inspire, excite, convey information and generate brand loyalty. Ads personalise the relationship between a business and a consumer.

Thinking of running a commercial advertisement? Whether it is to promote your brand or a product, to be played on YouTube, Facebook or the big screen, we are confident of delivering quality work.

Creative Lifestyle Videos

Video storytelling guides viewers through relatable narrative-based content that gets ignites an emotional connection. People get pulled into what’s happening due to a combination of factors, ranging from camera angles to the soundtrack, the characters and the emotion of the story itself.


Interior Walkthrough & Testimonials

Are you a renovation contractor or interior designer looking to build your portfolio? At VIA Media, we have helped several companies film their interior walkthrough and testimonial videos. We will film in such a way that these videos help to beautifully showcase your projects. We will create a balance between the two so that viewers can focus on both your project and your client’s testimonial at the same time.

Why the Need for Professional Videography Services?

Videography is an alternative mean to photography in conveying your desired message. In making a comparison, we can say that videos are an upgraded version of photographs – it can be described as the recording of visual images.

At times, videos are able to capture the attention of audiences better than photos do as it provides a much more engaging experience, with sound and not just sight. In addition, there is a longer timeframe to relay your intended message unlike a photograph, which is simply a snapshot of a moment in time. No text should be required as a video can show everything you desire to. Hence, videography is a tool that can be used to enhance any publishing and it is commonly utilised in advertising purposes.

Quality Assurance

Our team at VIA Media have both the experience and expertise. We use professional equipment for your projects to deliver high quality videos to you. We understand that good videos are the ones that tell a story and are able to stir the emotions of your viewers and that is what we aim to do for you.

A Fuss Free Experience

There are many different aspects behind the scene of a video and we will do the job for you! It is never as simple as just filming the activities that take place. This does not guarantee quality videos. There is so much more to videography; planning for the right lenses to use, video angling, lighting and so much more play a crucial role in the production of the final masterpiece. It is never easy to be on the move to capture the perfect shot at the right moment but we will do just that for you. You will also not have to worry about cock ups that can potentially happen such as camera malfunction as we are always ready with a backup. Let us know of your expectations then sit back and relax while we do the job for you.

You Save Your Time

The job isn’t completed right after filming. You’ll still have to do the editing to piece the bits and pieces of films together. You will want the individual films to transition smoothly and this take immense trial and error to perfect if you have no experience. Furthermore, finding the right music to complement your video can also be a daunting task. At VIA Media, we have the expertise to do all of these for you and we will deliver your project to you in the shortest time.