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Being an expert in content creation and distribution, our team of specialist will first and foremost oversee the brand identity you will be forging through your social media channels. Our team will handle the following channels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.

We have helped dozens of brand-conscious companies build their social brand and persona to target their ideal audience, generating content ranging from videos, stunning photos, educational series, academic reports to white papers. Through our expertise, our clients gain an authority status in their industry.

Lastly, we provide constant brand monitoring and feedback from your social media, and constantly improve your social media effectiveness to get the highest ROI for your investment.

- Featured Campaigns -

Swiss Interior Design

Homerenoguru’s 1 Week Kitchen Renovation Challenge

Conceptualised and produced a series of videos, coupled with daily Facebook Live videos to increase organic outreach for Homerenoguru’s 1 Week Kitchen Renovation Challenge.

Swiss Interior Facebook

The campaign garnered a total of 71,352 video views and helped Swiss Interior Design to generate $2,500,000 in revenue.

After the challenge, Swiss Interior Design officially launched “Swiss Express” renovation services.

Website - Swiss Express

Fat Cat Arcade

Fat Cat Don’t FOMO

Conceptualised “Fat Cat Don’t FOMO” campaign and produced video to increase Fat Cat Arcade’s brand awareness.

Fat Cat Campaign Post
Fat Cat Don't FOMO

A Facebook ad campaign and giveaway contest were strategically implemented to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Coupled with consistent brand design and visuals, the campaign eventually outreached to 14,500 social media users and received 19,900 post engagements.

Jean Lim OrangeTee

Lead Generation for Marina One Project Launch

  • Ran a leads generation campaign for Marina One project launch.
  • Garnered a total of 24 leads within 2 weeks, with an average of $14 per lead
  • Above Average Conversion Rate and Quality Ranking as determined by Facebook
Marina One Poster
Social media 3-09