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Since our humble beginnings, we have successfully completed hundreds of photography projects, ranging from interior design, events to corporate portraits. We are a team of experienced photographers with a goal of capturing aesthetic visuals and picture-perfect moments for you.

Regardless of the occasion or purpose, we will be able to cater to your needs and capture the best pictures for you. We provide photography services ranging from interior photography services to corporate portraits. Contact us today!

Below are a few of our photography services:

Event Photography Services


If you’re hosting an event, you have sunk a good amount of money into it and will likely want to have quality photos and videos of the event.

Photographing a tradeshow or event can be tricky for amateur photographers, as there are many ongoing conversations, movements, different lightings and settings around the event. VIA Media team has accumulated years of experience taking photos, videos and live-streaming events for your social media.

We understand the importance of angles, lightings to produce the best quality images, but also interact with the attendees, whenever our photographers or videographers need to.

  • Tradeshows
  • Conventions
  • Corporate sales meetings
  • Team building events
  • D&Ds
  • Parties

Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits1
Corporate Portraits2

Corporate portraits speaks a lot about yourself, and they are most commonly used on websites, resumes, social media, advertising materials etc. They usually form the first impression and can make or break your chances of getting a positive response on your resume or advertising, depending on the style and angle you take the image with.

Each corporate shot should be tailored to the needs and personality of yourself, and a skilled photographer has to juggle a number of factors, such as the angle, lighting, surroundings, determining which set of factors to produce the best outcome for you.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

We Have the Experience & Expertise

When you decide to hire a professional photographer, you are essentially paying for his photography skills. This could take years to acquire. A same subject, photographed by 2 different individuals, can turn out very differently. The pros have the experience and know-hows to make their subject look amazing in pictures. They have a keen photography eyes and are equipped with extensive photography knowledge. They know the best angle, lighting and focus to help you capture the perfect image.

We Love What We Do

Passion drives success and we, the photographers at VIA Media, love what we do. Hence, our team at VIA Media are driven to provide you with only the best service. We feel a sense of satisfaction when we are able to produce satisfactory work for you. We strive to capture your best angles and fleeting moments that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Great Moments Don’t Repeat

Have you ever wished for a moment in your life to occur again? All great moments in our life only happens once and you will never be able to reconstruct the exact same moment again no matter how hard you try. However, with photographs, you can always reminisce the particular moment that you adore so much. If there is an occasion that matters to you so much, it is always a good option to engage a professional photographer.

They will be on the move capturing all your best moments on camera and all you have to do is to enjoy in the moment. Hiring a professional is worth every penny as you are paying to capture a perfect shot that will be with you for a lifetime. You will not want to regret missing such a moment!


Photography Tips


Lighting is one of the most important factors in photography. Variations of lighting include the distance of lighting, position of lighting and type of lighting. Different lighting brings out a different outcome to your picture.

The distance from lighting affects both the subject and the background; when your subject is far from the light source, the dimmer the lighting will be. However, the background will be much brighter. In contrast, if your subject is near to the light source, the lighting will be brighter but the background will appear much darker.

When you use front lighting, shadows will fall behind the object hence such photography emphasises on the details of the subject. When your lighting is from the front, shadows will fall behind the object hence such photography emphasises on the details of the subject. This is ideal when you are looking to take close-up and detail-oriented images. However, such photos can turn out dull.

A popular type of lighting is the use of side lighting. When light enters from the side, shadows are created depending on the angle of your lighting. This creates a more artistic vibe in comparison to the use of front lighting.

The use of back lighting is the hardest to master. The lighting source is directly pointing at your camera and often result in silhouette. You will have to manually adjust the exposure to get the right outcome you want.

Diffusing light is one way that professionals use to improve the lighting for a photoshoot. Diffusing the light makes the light more even and gives you a more pleasing outcome.


Negative Space

Negative space is defined as the space around the main subject of your photo. It is an aspect of photography composition that when used appropriately can help to bring out the right impact in your photos. The use of negative spaces can draw attention to the main focus of your image hence the negative spaces in your image should take up more space than your main subject. A guideline that is commonly used is the rule of thirds; it is the idea of dividing your image into 6 sections and then positioning your main subject on one of the intersection lines. This will give your picture a clear focal point.


Taking your pictures at different angles showcase different perspectives and from elicit different emotions your audience. A picture taken at eye-level of your subject gives off a more intimate perspective and brings out the emotions of your subject. A low-angle shot can be used if you want your subject to look dominant. Lastly, for background shots, it is ideal to adopt the high-angle shot. However, do note that your subject will appear small and less superior.


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