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Which industries has been discupted by technology recently more than real estate (think, Propertyguru) and interior design (think Qanvast, Houzz) market in Singapore?

From commercial, industrial to residential projects, VIA Media has years of experience taking the interior of shophouses, HDB BTO and resale units, condominium and landed houses in Singapore. Having taken hundreds of interior photographs and videos, we are proficient in angles, lightings and editing of the photos taken to make your photos and videos truly stand out amongst the crowd.

Interior Photography Services


What is Interior Photography?

Are you thinking that Interior Photography is just about snapping pictures of houses and rooms with a camera?

Indeed, Interior Photography is a form of photography that specialises in capturing the interior of spaces such as a room or venue.

However, it is more than just ‘taking a picture’ as there are many elements to interior photography which include lighting, angle and the arrangement of the little details.

Interior photography can be challenging as it is usually carried out in small spaces without the most ideal lighting but interior photographers have what it takes to turn these spaces into aesthetically pleasing masterpieces.

Photos taken are often used for publishing purposes on platforms such as social medias, posters, as well as magazines.

Why the Need for Interior Photography?

High Quality Photos

Anyone can take photos but are you just looking for substandard work? By hiring professionals like us, you can be assured that your photos will be of the best quality. Here, we use the right equipment and together with our experience and expertise, we are confident of delivering only the best. In addition, we also provide editing services to make sure that your photos will definitely stand out.

Best Showcase of Your Interior Projects

Interior photographers have the experience and expertise; they have the perspective to capture the best features of your interior and they know exactly the best way to arrange furniture and adjust the lighting to bring out the most out of your space. They will be able to pinpoint the small details that are crucial yet often missed out by the common eyes. We aim to bring out the style of your very own interior and ensure that every picture is shot in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Business Use

Photography has become an essential part of business in today’s world. Take a moment to consider how pictures have played a part in your decisions everyday. Are you more likely to opt for a company that provides good quality and aesthetically pleasing photos or one with grainy and pixelated photos? How much do these photos influence your impression of the individual company? If you are a new business owner, you might need to engage a professional to have photos taken for promotional purposes. It will be a good investment as VIA Media will be able to provide you with these high-quality photos you desire and help you earn more clients.

Build Your Portfolio

Building of portfolio is especially important for interior designers and contractors. Having professionals to take photographs of your projects can better showcase your work and service to potential clients which in turn can help you garner more businesses.


Is Interior Photography Service for you?

Interior Designers

Interior Designers design the interior of homes or commercial spaces based on client’s needs and wants. The best way to sell your service is to provide examples of works that you’ve done. As such, it is recommended for you to put together your very own portfolio. What customers are interested in most will be the before-and-after pictures of your work. As such, hire us today and we will use our photography skills to showcase your best work!


Real Estate Owners

Are you looking to sell an estate? This is one main customer base in our field of work. Real Estate owners know that good pictures are needed to appeal to buyers and this ultimately translate into a sales opportunity. You will need to promote your space like it is the second to none. Let us help you showcase the best of your interior for faster business!

F&B Owners

In today’s day and age, tasty food simply isn’t all it takes to attract customers. A combination of great ambience, tasty food and good service is essential to increase the likability of your restaurant. A restaurant with good ambience makes customers crave your space before the food. Hire us and we will help you take picturesque photos to promote your space! Let’s work together to increase your revenue.


Why Hire Us As Your Interior Photographer

A picture speaks a thousand words

We are now living in a digital world, where the quality of your online photos and videos directly correlates to the perceived quality of your brand. Having a skilled team behind your photos and videos like us ensure that you will build a strong foundation for your online branding and marketing.

Stunning pictures heightens your brand

Our team of photographers are highly skilled at capturing exquisite images of your locations and products. We also provide a full suite of video production services to engage your audience with the medium they use most in 2019 – Online Video.

Capturing the best angle and the best colors

With everyone owning a smartphone now, taking high definition photos and videos is much easier than before. However, what makes your images truly unique does not only consist of high definition shots, it also requires the skillset of the photographer and videographer being aware of their surroundings, adjusting their lighting and the angle it was taken.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

This is one very frequently asked question. Professional interior photographers need to have the eyes to capture the best details of a landscape. They do not simply take photos and behind every photo lies the hard work that many do not see. Firstly, they have to look for the most ideal spot inside a house, office or building.

Next, they will have to do a design sketch to arrange and combine furniture and items in a way that beautify the place. Following which, the place must be cleaned and neatly arranged where they belong to. Only at this stage, the photographer can begin snapping away.

More Leads, More Sales

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