Photography Tips And Ideas For Outdoor Winter Shoots

The surrounding environment and backdrop of a photography shoot play one of the most important parts in making the photographs come out amazing. Although autumn is considered probably the best season to shoot photos because of the amazing colors that leaves and trees depict in it, winter is not far behind in providing an amazing backdrop for stunning photos. Although winter photography is a bit hard to master, it is not impossible.

To get amazing photos, you can either hire a professional photography service to carry out your shoots or you can do it yourself by following some simple tips and tricks that we will describe here. We will discuss some tips to create the best winter backdrop for your photos as well as describe some ideas on how you can choose the best locations for breath-taking photos.

Prepare Yourself According To The Weather

The first thing that you can do as a photographer in winter is to prepare yourself so you are as comfortable as possible in the cold. This means wearing the appropriate amounts of layers to keep you warm. Keep a thermos of some hot beverage that you can sip during the shoot to keep yourself hydrated and warm. Wear appropriate gloves which can help you easily operate your camera and accessories along with keeping you warm. The more comfortable you are, the better you will be able to take photographs and take your time with them instead of rushing everything because of the cold weather.

Prepare Your Camera For The Winter Setup

Just as you would prepare yourself for the cold weather, you need to prepare your camera and gear for it as well. Cameras tend to work slower in colder weathers, so you would need spare batteries. The snow and cold weather can cause moisture to reach the camera lens and other parts. So you need to let it dry after the shoot in a warm place before packing it completely.

You will have to adjust the camera settings also to cater for the white background in winter. This would mean increasing your exposure concentration. Also, open the aperture wider or use a slow shutter speed so you do not overexpose your photos. You can also experiment with white balancing to see what works best. With the right settings, you can take magical winter photos.

Choose The Best Times

Probably the best times for taking pictures in winters at dusk or dawn. Sunrises and sunsets offer a beautiful contrast to the white snowy landscapes and serve as the perfect backdrop for any photo. The early morning lights can appear mesmerising whereas the sunset lights can create magical contrasts.

The early morning time usually has a foggy and misty appearance which can create glowing backgrounds for photos. The sunset time will have a dark blue sky with the orange-red rays of the setting sun which will create a perfect contrast with the white snowy landscape to create a lively and stunning backdrop.

Capture The Snowfall

You cannot go wrong with taking a picture while it is snowing. Falling snow creates a fun and joyous backdrop which can make your photos appear beautiful and creative. You can play around with the camera setting and take sharp photos of falling snow while letting your subject be in the background. Or you can make your subject stand out in the photos and blur the falling snow.

Either way, the pictures will come out fun and creative. One of the best tips for taking photos during snowfall is to take pictures in the burst mode of the camera which allows you to take multiple photos in one shot. This way, you can select the photos which capture the falling snow in the best possible way.

Incorporate Winter Fog In Your Background

Although the cold, foggy atmosphere of winter can be quite gloomy, taking pictures in such a background can appear magical and mesmerising as well. You can have your subject look out in the open while the fog envelops the surrounding. It will create an eerie background but the end result will be a magical and beautiful photo.

Take Photos During Christmas

Christmas comes with the festive season of greens and reds which add a lively and fresh feel to all kinds of photoshoots. Christmas-themed backdrops serve as a beautiful background in front of which you can shoot your subject.

These shoots can be outdoors as well as indoors. Zoomed in shots of Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, and other decorations can serve as a fresh breath of air in the otherwise gloomy winter season. You can even take photos of set dinner tables and everyone sitting around the fireplace having a fun time.

The options are limitless.

Photograph Snowflakes and Frost

One of the most beautiful and exquisite photographs that you can take in the winter is that of snowflakes and frost. Snowflakes are a beautiful marvel of nature that you can best view through a high-definition image. The beautiful and intricate details of a snowflake will be best visible on a dark background.

You can blur the background and keep the focus on the snowflake to create a stunning photo. Similarly, you can find frost almost anywhere in winter. In the morning, when sunshine falls on the frost, it can create a spectacular visual which definitely needs to be captured by a camera.

Create Contrast With Colorful Leaves And Flowers

Since the outdoors usually feature snow-covered landscapes in the winter, you can try to photograph colorful leaves or flowers. You are bound to find certain leaves from the autumn season that may have been frozen. Using them as your subject, you can create stunning photos because of the contrast the colorful leaves will create with the white snowy backdrop. Such a picture will bring both autumn and winter together in one picture which will definitely be breath-taking.

Capture The Magic Of Winter By Photographing Open Landscapes

Although you may think that winter landscapes only provide for gloomy and sad backdrops, that is not the case. Even snow-covered landscapes in winter can create amazing photographs. Snow-covered trees serve as an excellent subject for beautiful pictures. You can increase the warmth settings in your camera to take warm pictures of such landscapes. Or you can adjust the white balance and experiment with different color tones to see what works best with the landscape. The end result will be a set of exquisite and breath-taking photos.

Capture Animals And Pets

Another great tip to take photos in the winter season is to take pictures of various animals and pets. Photos of pets are already adorable. Combine them with a white background of snow and you are sure to get a crowd-pleaser picture! You can dress up your pets or cover them in different accessories which will add a further dimension to your photos. Similarly, you can take a walk in the park and look for any birds on the branches of the tree. They will also serve as a perfect subject in front of the snow-covered trees as a backdrop. These pictures can then be used on postcards and holiday cards.

These are some tips and ideas which you can keep in mind while doing winter photography and be assured that you would end up with great photos every time!


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