Impact of Social Media on Search Ranking and its Importance in SEO

Every company focuses on presenting its content to a bigger audience. The aim of addressing more users is to have a larger customer base. Social media has a huge role in helping companies to achieve this target.

It also has several benefits to SEO including enhancing the brand image, delivering a strong brand message, engaging the interest of potential users, enhancing the credibility of the brand, and more.

Proper knowledge of both social media marketing and SEO helps companies to perform better on their respective channels. Audience research and analysis on social media platforms help in creating better user-targeted content. SEO research and analysis helps in understanding what social audience find attractive to read.

The bottom line is social media and SEO help each other. Although, there is a question in everyone’s mind that does social media improve the online ranking of a website. Social media is not a direct factor that governs online ranking. It has a more detailed impact on SEO.

It doesn’t directly boost SEO ranking, it indirectly plays a part in improving online rank. It provides a platform for link-building and content marketing which are crucial factors in improving organic rankings.

Quality backlinks are imperative to rank high on Google and social media is a significant platform for link-building. Social media helps to increase inbound links to a website and it also helps in content promotion. This improves the credibility of the website and enhances the popularity of its content.

This improves the visibility of a website and users tend to stay longer to browse through it, thus, gets more interested in the offered services/products. Therefore, social media plays an indirect role in improving online ranking and its importance can’t be overlooked.

Following are points explaining how social media is important to SEO:

Social Media helps in Indexing Content Quicker

Social media channels help in indexing page content faster. When more published content is shared by a website on social media, it generates a higher number of clicks. The page with higher clicks highlights Google that it needs to be quickly crawled and indexed.

It is crucial to promote content on all social media channels because it allows Google to identify which content has more traffic and clicks. This invariably signals Google to index it faster.

Social Interaction Data helps in Improving SEO Content

Bounce rates, click-through rate (CTR) in SERPs, time on site, and time on page are all components of interaction data that is used by search engines to rank content. Social media can be used to improve these metrics by testing and measuring interactions.

Identify the social media posts that generate the best user-engagement and implement those insights to create better page and content titles. If a user is investing time on social media channels, there is a higher chance that he/she will also click on the article when it appears on SERP.

Social interaction data can be used to improve SEO titles and meta descriptions. It can also be used to determine the topic clusters that should be built to improve the value of the content.

The aim of SEO is not just to increase organic traffic, but also to target relevant specific traffic to increase conversion rates. Knowledge of the content that will attract and engage more users will help in achieving this.

Social Media helps in Building Search Demand

Social media marketing helps SEO in different and unexpected ways as compared to other marketing tools. Sharing content and information on social media platforms not only helps in increasing engagement of a website, but it also drags the attention of users to the website which helps in improving visibility of the website.

Users are more active on social media channels than any other platform. Therefore, any piece of content or information which receives a great response on social media, users are likely to search that on Google. When a brand is searched on Google, it automatically increases its online rank.

Increasing online presence and publishing all types of information and content (blogs, articles, landing pages, etc.) through social media agency also results in increased Google presence in terms of search queries related to that brand.

Social Media Agency helps in Identifying Audience for SEO Content

One of the advantages of social media is that it highlights where the audience is spending most of their time. Additionally, it also helps in identifying the needs and requirements of the users.

Once knowledge regarding these important points is acquired, it becomes easier to create keywords that are super-relevant to potential users. This knowledge, combined with promoting content on platforms where users are very observant, will significantly help in SEO success.

Companies should spend adequate time on social media to pinpoint the area of discussion among potential users.  It helps in highlighting specific qualities and features that users want in a product or service. Therefore, specific keywords and content should be created that addresses the topics of users’ discussion.

Creating quality content is good, but it loses its value if it is not optimized to target a specific audience. Social media helps in identifying the key points to target a group of specific users which helps in conversion rates.

Social Media is one of the best places to conduct Keyword Research

When considerable time is spent on social media to find the right audience to target, it also helps in discovering keyword opportunities for new content and other campaigns.

Everyone is aware of the role that keywords play in SEO. Relevant and specific keywords help in increasing the organic traffic of a website. With more organic traffic, the user-base of the website increases, which improves the overall rank of the website.

Social Media helps in Generating New Content Ideas

A dedicated team should be made to monitor social media platforms. They should create a list of questions and queries of the customers. This list should be forwarded to SEO copywriters to produce new ideas for website content, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

Implementing these steps will make a remarkable increase in the publishings of a website as they won’t have to spend much time on thinking ideas and plans for new content.

Social Media helps in claiming Owned SERP Real Estate for Branded Search Queries

The social media page of a website also ranks in search results. Major social media channels are important citations and these should be involved in SEO efforts.

Social media profiles can rank high for brand searches. Therefore, it is important to properly fill profiles with reviews. This helps a brand look more legitimate and trustworthy which ultimately helps in improving CTRs and conversions.

Optimizing the social media profile of a website is the first step in making Social media and SEO work together. These profiles are not only important to Google, but also to users who search for the brand online. When the social media profile appears on Google search, it makes the brand more engaging and unique.

Social Media helps in Driving More Traffic towards a Website

Pairing social media marketing with SEO is a very effective way of driving more traffic towards a website. SEO strategies help in ranking high on Google search, but it takes time. Several factors account for late results:

  • Optimizing websites takes time
  • Adding relevant backlinks takes time
  • Search engines take time to get familiar with the website

Social media renders results relatively faster than SEO. They aim of social media marketing is highlighting the website name directly on the channels which already have potential traffic. Social media team creates posts that encourage the users to search through the website.

Therefore, by joining the efforts of SEO and social media you can push the rank of your website faster to the top.

Final Words

Social media services have profound importance in the world of SEO, but to get the best results, these two should be combined to work collectively for the benefit of the website.

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