How To Create Different Videos For Your Online Business

No matter what kind of business you own, you have to present your products and services to your audience in one way or the other. This can be done through various mediums such as photographs, testimonials, advertisements, and videos.

Of all these mediums, videos or videography is probably the most diverse and versatile through which you can present your products and services in an effective and efficient manner.

When you think about videos for your business, you may be in a fix as to what kind of videos you should make. Of course, the details and specifics may be different for each kind of business but generally, there are certain types of videos that almost all businesses can benefit from.

You can also hire a professional videography service to make those videos for you but it is always a good idea to know about what kinds of options you have when talking about videos. In this article, we will describe some of the most important and effective videos that your business can benefit from.

Product Videos

Almost any type of business needs a product video. This is the kind of video that describes various features of the product and explains how it works or how it can be used.

Through a video, customers are better able to understand how everything works as compared to if they had to read a full-length description. Such videos help the customers to better understand your product and they are more likely to buy it after watching that video.

Another category in these product videos is the product update video which basically describes any update or upgrades to your product. These videos also tell the customers about new features and other details.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a type of invitation videos that you can use while holding a conference, webinar, or open house. Since prospective clients or attendees may not have any idea about the event you are hosting, a promotional video can show them what the event is all about. You can give a detailed description of what the event is going to be about and what they can take home with it. Even though the promotional video needs to be detailed, it should not be very long so the customers do not lose focus in the way.

Testimonial Videos

People’s positive reviews and testimonials about a product or service can influence many other prospective buyers to consider your product and buy it eventually.

When these testimonials are in the form of a video, it creates a person-to-person connection which is more effective. In testimonial videos, people can voice their reviews as well as show others how they use a particular product or service.

All this creates a much engaging relation and you can end up with convinced customers and buyers. Testimonial videos usually run from 5 to 10 minutes.

Social Media Videos

The importance and popularity of social media cannot be undermined. Whatever business owner you are, if you do not have a social media presence, you miss out on so many opportunities.

As far as social media marketing goes, there are several ways to promote your business on social media but one of the most important ones is a video. So a small and concise video that comes in people’s feeds can have a huge impact on prospective customer choices.

It helps to build brand awareness and also helps to divert traffic to your website which is great for your business in the long run. Ideally, a social media video should be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes; the shorter the better.

Live Streams

Whether you are holding a conference or an event regarding your business, it is always a good idea to live stream it to prospective and actual buyers. Through live streaming, you attract new audiences and they get to view the transparency with which you are holding every event. This helps them to build confidence in you which goes a long way in securing more customers and growing your business. There are several platforms where you can livestream your event. One of the most popular of these is Facebook since most companies and businesses livestream their events on it.

Internal Training Videos

These are especially beneficial if you own a company or business that requires new customers to go through some kind of training before they can start working as part of the teams. These training videos show to the new employees the work processes, how everything runs in your company, the different products and their details, stand operating procedures, and much more.

These training videos are not just helpful for the new employees but also for the older ones who just want to have an idea about something that may be confusing to them about the company or a product.

These training videos are usually 5 to 10 minutes long. Again, instead of making one large video, it is advisable to make a few small ones so people can just view the relevant one when required.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, as the name signifies, show your customers how a particular product or service of yours works. These are relatively detailed videos that show the various features and functionality of a product. These videos are an excellent way to reduce your support team queries since customers can find answers to all their questions regarding the product in these videos.

It is advisable to make small, separate explainer videos for every feature of the product so that customers do not have to go through larger videos to find the content they are looking for. They can simply choose the particular smaller video that pertains to them.


Documentaries are another effective way through which you can reach out to your customer base long through the years. Full-length films and documentaries are a great investment for your business as they let you describe all parts of your business to the customers. You can show them how your products are developed, what happens behind the scenes, what all your products and services are, customer testimonials, and many other things.

Since documentaries can be long, you can add as much relevant content to them as possible but an effort should be made not to make them boring so customers do not lose interest in them along the way. Documentaries can be anywhere between 40 minutes to 120 minutes.

Sales Presentations

Sales presentations are an effective way for you to connect with thousands of clients all over the world. Instead of emailing and messaging clients a number of times, you can just pre-record a sales presentation and increase the momentum of the sales process. You can create videos where you pitch so the clients can watch it in their free time and discuss it over before getting back to you. The video length should be small – around 3 minutes which should give you ample time to give all the required details, answer any questions, and add a finishing remark.

These are just some of the types of videos that you can benefit from in your business. All these videos can help your business to grow, increase brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and help to remain in contact with your audience.

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