5 Venues In Singapore For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

For couples looking for the best places in Singapore to get their Insta-worthy shots, look no further! This article brings to you our top 5 venues in Singapore for you to shoot your pre-wedding videos/pictures at. Be it gorgeous, lush greenery, or a clean-cut and classy take on your shoot, we’ve got you covered with these 5 locations.

#1: National Gallery

Restored from the former Supreme Court and the City Hall buildings, the National Gallery is an easy pick for us. Located conveniently in town, it is an easy and accessible location for shoots. If you’re looking for an elegant, classy feel to your videos and photos, then this is the perfect venue for you!

The available locations within the Gallery include the main Padang Atrium, the Padang deck, and Supreme Court Foyers 1 and 3. With sprawling ceilings and magnificent interiors, Singapore’s National Gallery exudes an air of splendour that sets a similar tone and mood for your shoot as well.

Hence, it is simply of no wonder that many couples choose to take their pictures in this monumental and grandiose venue!

Do take note that booking for wedding shoots must be done via their online platform, and that they only accept up to 2 slots daily. Bookings submissions must be done minimally 7 working days prior to the shoot and charges go at $350 for 120 minutes.

#2: Tuas Lalang Field

You might first think that pictures and videos taken at this venue were taken in Australia or New Zealand’s grassy plains. However, all the photos and videos were shot on our sunny little island! The Tuas Lalang field is no secret to any seasoned photographer/videographer. Lalang plants grow bountifully here, contributing to the beautiful natural landscape.

While it might not be the most conveniently located venue (It’s only accessible by car), we promise that the trip down is worth it! Known for being a prime location for dreamy, sunset photoshoots, this location is one that is perfect for a scenic, romantic shot. We daresay that the scene is almost nostalgic and reminiscent of the early kampong days!

We recommend heading here on a day with good weather and sun in the evening, just when the sun is setting. You’ll get the best shots that way with optimal lighting for that warm, summery glow in your shots. Make sure you dress in long pants or skirts though; the grass can be a little prickly! Another perk to note is that shooting here is absolutely free!

#3: Sheares Bridge, Along Gardens By The Bay

Named after our second president Dr Benjamin Sheares, the Sheares Bridge is a seemingly unlikely contestant for wedding shoots. However, we believe that this venue is one that is sorely underrated. An unknown gem to most, the towering pillars under Sheares Bridge nearer to Gardens by The Bay is surrounded by lush greenery and serves as a great middle ground for couples who are looking for a slight element of natural greenery in their shoots.

This venue is one of the easier ones to access and comes at no cost as well, which are great perks for those who are looking for a fuss-free shoot that is still put-together and stunning. With clean lines and simple architectural facets, this venue is perfect for couples who want a modest, no-frills venue to shoot their wedding photos and videos at.

If you come at the right time, the sunlight pours in at the perfect angle which illuminates your shots in the most simplistic but beautiful of ways. Check out how we shot our video at said venue for Shu Ling and Xian Yang’s wedding here!

#4: Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios might be commonly known for play, fun, and adventure for family days and outings with friends, but did you know that it is also a great place for wedding shoots?

With vibrant colours and retro-themed locations, shots in USS can seem right out of a 90s vintage film! From Hollywood-inspired walkways to the magical lands of Far Far Away, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right setting for your video or photoshoot.

You can finally live out your fairy-tale dream here at Universal Studios, all for the price of $388! Bookings are to be made 2 weeks prior to the shoot.

While this cost of $388 might raise eyebrows initially, it is important to note that the wedding photography and videography package includes 3 one-day passes to USS, as well as a 2-hour photography and videography session at the venue with a personal tour guide.

On top of that, you also get meet-and-greet sessions with the USS characters as well! Buckle up and prepare for a fun day ahead of you if you’re deciding on this venue for your wedding shoot, because you’ll be in for an exhilarating experience!

#5: Coney Island

Ever since its inception in 2015, Coney Island has grown in popularity for its trails and scenic views. With misty foliage that adds to the overall aesthetic value of the location, Coney Island has come a long way from being a deserted island with a single cow.

Now, it is a flourishing location that is well-known by many photographers and videographers alike. Spanning a total of 133 hectares, there are plenty of photo and video opportunities for you to consider when planning your wedding shoot. With pine trees and secluded beaches, the pale greenery takes your photos and videos one notch above the rest and is almost like a setting one would otherwise find in a cold-weather country.

The park is constructed in a way meant to preserve and protect the rustic views and sceneries, which means that there is no electricity or piped water on the island! Do take note of this if you intend to shoot at said venue and bring your own water. The park is also only open from 7am to 7pm, but we recommend going in the evening around 5PM onwards for the best lighting!


Regardless of the venue, it is important that wedding shoots are well planned and in accordance with the visuals that you have created in your mind’s eye!

Hence, the sheer importance of a good and credible photographer or videographer to bring that vision to life! Here at VIA Media, we seek to capture authentic and intimate experiences for your audience imagery. Check out our other projects and other services here!

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